Let Hair

Tolani walked up the grey and yellow tinted steps, holding firmly to the bus' bright yellow banister. Despite taking caution, her legs failed her as she smashed into the grey plastic surface behind a seat. One of those days Tolani thought to herself gritting her teeth, closing her eyes shut and willing the pain to exhume itself from her knee. The bus continued to jerk around as it was met with speed bumps. She didn't bother to pick up her bag. She just watched the worn green handles bounce around in a synchronised fashion, wondering if the left and extremely frayed handle would make it through the day.

 "St Matthews Church". The bus announced solemnly. "Late, late again." Tolani murmured to herself.

 "My menopausal state and uninspiring first from Newnham College has not prepared me for your perpetual lateness and phenomenal display of disorganisation..." Mrs. C's rants were legendary. Tolani was either going to be her next target or faced with a locked door.

 Clambering down the stairs in an attempt to catch her next bus. Pop! Tolani lifted her bag off the ground and held on tightly to it, clenching her underarms in race for the number 2. 10 minutes to the gate she thought as her phone vibrated, indicating her final bar had disappeared and was left with a blinking red outline. Breathing deeply, a Herbal Essence mist wafted past her. A lady had unraveled her bun. She watched as the woman tosseled her hair  about and proceeded in styling it back to its original state. Tolani stared therapeutically as she caught all the escaping strands until all she saw was the brown spiral, and then finally a glossy brown patch of colour which soon became a blur.

 "Upper Tulse Hill..." the bus cooed mockingly. Tolani squeezed passed the passengers and headed for the gates. She ignored the front desk's glare and walked briskly but had to stop to readjust her bag. Thankfully the classroom door was locked and she headed for the toilets.

 "I look so tired..." she whispered, analysing her reflection, clear face, bags, wonky eyeliner and hair, just hair, a lot of it. "Grrr!" Tolani growled. No glossy strands here. Her bun wasn't straight, her hair was a combination of regrowth, riddled with thinning permed split ends. Pulling out her hairband painfully, the elastic etched away by her brittle hair.


 "For fuck sakes!" Tolani exclaimed. Walking over to the radiator, bent over looking for a spare hairband. None today I guess. Only me. Leaning back to stretch as she held on to her hips, making sure she heard at least 3 cracks before she continued to drag her fingers into her thick entangled hair. You know what? I can't be asked. Tolani stormed out of the bathroom and returned shortly after to collect her bag.