A Poem From Way Back (God Knows When)

There's no war between us
Because I can't win this fight
I'm on the losing side
A battle of the mind
My heart can't decide
My soul is giving in
There's no war between us

You've disarmed me with your bullet of words
And my heart has no amour any more
I've been warned many times before
Never let your guard down
All those walls, then what is love for?

Little did I know, behind those suitor's eyes
The disillusionment of my own demise
Infatuation can be a strange device
Faltering all the plans I ever had

There are no blue helmet troops
Your defiant ass won't call it truce
My peacemaking efforts are of no use
Now I'm the target of constant abuse
I can't win this war. I plan to lose.
There's no war between us