Jogger's Knee

Tensions run high in my house, other than the fact that all four females menstruation cycles are synchronised around the same time, we are very opinionated individuals who require a lot of space.
You need space, the oestrogen level in my house is too much, and there's enough heat to pop any popcorn seed when having a 'discussion', even when discussing medical remedies for one with jogger's knee.

I sit for many hours of the day, working on could be a project, a blog, artwork...everything my mother consider's a hobby and what I refer to as 'self-employment. I have a knee injury in which I am very sure I incurred ever since I decided to jog, as you do when you are less mobile and you start to freak out over weight gain. From previous posts, you will realise I am terrible at jogging, believe it or not you can jog wrongly and I am one of those hopeless joggers. I don't have a trainer so I've resulted in avoiding it all together. So here I am resting my leg and yet I know the muscles in my knee are still inflamed, I've gone to the doctors and I'm told rest and rest some more and hey there are some drugs you can take to help you with the pain.

I personally avoid drugs because I know the food I eat which I have no control over as I am self-employed is poison anyway,  if not poison, the combinations and lack of variety can send you to an early grave. Why would I add some more? And that description led to an argument. The old and new collide. Wisdom from an elder is essential in life but sometimes you just have to except, the individuals you live with are stuck in their own ways and whatever new knowledge you have gained doesn't make you an expert, knowledgeable or enlightened, you're just another reading sibling and guess what everyone else reads too.