The Loot

That's what it feels like.

This desperate scramble for wealth and the 'look at me I've made it' mentality.

And I will admit, I've bought into it, just a tad bit and I don't blame anyone else for doing so, I learnt from my colonial fathers, they taught me best. After all, 'money' makes the world go round (I hope you know it really doesn't).

Living in a country that doesn't have a lot and will do anything in her capacity to hold on to the little power she has left, is pretty much what you have to do to survive in this world. We no longer work together, we compete, the negative kind that is. What is yours is not mine and you'll make me very aware of it the moment I get too comfortable. You will have to do your very best and even if you were good enough, if someone better comes along, please do have a reclined seat somewhere in the back whilst I waltz my way into victory.

No we cannot all get along. I  cannot accommodate and tolerate. I'm grown enough to not deal with theatrics of life. What are you doing and where have you been?  God forbid, I be myself in an interview. Quiet, demure; I don't give you a lot, just enough to keep you interested and see me work.

After you have gathered your spoils and arranged all the letters besides your name that you are entitled to have, please tell me what is left?

My loot is adventure, occasional comfort and work I WANT to do.  I'll show off my work when it is finished and I'll credit whoever needs to be you can spend your spoils on my spoils.