Finally Some Inspiration!: Tha Suspect ft Fela Kuti

I hope you are having a brilliant start to the new year. I wake up every morning sit at my desk and there is a list of things I need to complete before this year ends, in BOLD letters. I have no choice but to fulfil all those goals.

I won't say it hasn't been a struggle and every once in a while something inspires you and encourages you to go on. For me, this morning, the inspiration came in the form of music. I am no longer up to date with Afroeats or African music, specifically Nigerian music and it was refreshing to hear something political for once from  a Nigerian artist. As soon asI heard the afro funk beat jumping up and down the track; a sampled Fela Kuti track to be exact (Na POI), I had to move. It is election time in Nigeria so it's no surprise artists feel the need to express their unheard voices but when you were glorifying the African derrière  and talking about how many bottles you were popping; where were you?

We'll take it easy on the Suspect, he has always spoken for the people. Hopefully we can here music with this type of content all year round. Listen to Erection (Election) by Suspect below...