The Legacy

Life is so unbalanced, biased and unfair.
You can have everything and yet have nothing.
You can have nothing and yet have everything.

And you know what pisses me off the most?  The flapping of gums, chiming away about this old legacy. If the wisest man on earth reduced everything in life to vanity, why continue?

Legacy is a lazy motherfucker...passing through the airwaves of time.   She or he comes in many shapes and sizes, evolving constantly. She reinvents herself daily and is hidden in the hearts and minds of many. Legacy is imprinted on the hands of fathers and in the mouths of mothers.  And I am freaking annoyed by her.

Legacy, wherever you are in my, heart, mind, soul, potential grave or my future generation's memory. You are parasitic, unpredictable and an opportunist. Am I supposed to spend 70 % of my time worrying about making enough for spoilt grandchildren to brag about aimlessly.

Legacy I leave with nothing. I toil day and night for my name to be remembered by a world that forgets so easily. The only person that will appreciate me is the earth herself. The soil. The ground. Something we despise, we protect ourselves from, forgetting that she is one us. In fact she is merely a misshaped and a devalued distant cousin.

I am jealous of you, Legacy.  You are nothing but sound particles escaping through air. Even if I built a magnificent sculpture tomorrow, my hands are nothing but a concept, an idea or an imagination. I myself will not meet the people I would have inspired. But you Legacy, you receive all the accolades. You hang gloriously on walls, sit gracefully in museums, your name is written down in examination papers and adopted by surviving relatives.

Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for those who have inspired me; passing on their legacy. I'll work hard, I'll use my talents, push the bar, boundaries, glass ceiling whatever the challenge may be, so that I'll be a mere shadow of the past. I will be one of many who made it past the delivery room, as we watch you from afar  as you adorn our long awaited trophies.

I've decided my mantra in life is that it all amounts to nothing...flat line...0. Except of course, if you are into the legacy thing. Yet I am still looking for an experience of a lifetime. In the moment, within the hour, day, month or years to come. I want to enjoy life. I don't want to look back and say "...oh by the way this is what I've accomplished..". I want to experience every god given moment and know I've lived for at least a mili second. It may be 0 but you make it count, you add up the numbers.

All in all. Live. Love. Laugh.