In between awake and sleep, I fall into my dreams
Bigger than you, wider than me
More accurate than tarot cards; trick or treat?
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree
My predictions are as good as the scriptures
Would you rather Aesop's fables or the book of Proverbs
What's a teenage mother to the fatherless?
What's a history lesson to a politician's promise?
It takes more than gene pools to break a bad habit
Fear and hope assures your own demise
Faith and action is your only compromise
The probable game of life:
Capable of anything and everything
Prophecy or encouragement?
Delusion or conviction?
Full circle, the end is absolute
Miracles are for desperate people
Desperately wicked lies in all of us
It creeps up on the unexpected, a circumstance
Machines are not enough so God is not enough
The lines on your palms are not a coincidence 
What’s incense to a fume?
What’s the church hall to my crystal ball?