The To do List of Life

I guess I've pretty much neglected this blog but I'm back...

I've been writing for Afriversal, a blog about all things African in the UK. Check it out!

But I definitely have a lot more to write about and this is where my new project comes in.

The 'To Do List' of Life is a concept I recently came up with. Yup, I had a light bulb moment and this is normally where my problems begin...I have an idea.

I thing we all have a long  list of things we want to do, whether it be a SMART goal, dreams and aspirations we haven't gotten round to yet.  My 'To do list' is endless and I guess I overwhelm myself because I want to do everything and I can...but there is a time and a place...

I am creating a subsidiary site dedicated to this project...noting my milestones in completing these tasks.

I'm not talking about taking out the trash or finally getting round to cleaning my room (will never happen...I need mess to work...but I do take out the rubbish). I'm talking major projects like completing one of my short stories, going to the studio and recording a song...learning how to sew a dress out of the material my sister bought from India type of tasks.

As you might have gathered, I am the artsy and creative type and I am bursting with ideas but it takes me a while to get to end product or I get a little frustrated and postpone but not anymore! I plan to be diligent for the rest of the year and actually finish some of these projects.

So follow me on my journey, tweet me...tumble your way into my me...comment and support me on my journey.

More details to come shortly.