An Unsuccessful Run

I've bought the gear, the running gear that is. A branded pair of leggings and running trainers and they are used from time to time.

And recently, I plucked up the courage to squeeze myself into those spandex of tights, squeezing my cellulite thighs into them and attempted to run in broad daylight. I must say when I see an overweight individual running alongside the common, I think it is wonderful. I cheer them on in my head but then I see their hanging bellies chugging along and wonder if that is me.

Am I one of those out of breath runners people stare at in pity? I mean last saturday morning I barely ran half a mile. For about 10 minutes, I ran halfway to the common from my house, walked the rest, well into the park, put on my mean mug and jogged, slowly. Is that jogging or walking really fast with a spring to your step? No, it was jogging because I did break into a sweat after a while.

After 3 minutes, I stopped. I couldn't breathe. I really don't know how to breathe when I am running and I did scour the net for techniques beforehand. I typed in the search engine "how to breathe when running"..."breathing + running + stretching + warm up...". Evidently, none of the advice worked and my research later on revealed, I had a headache because my brain was starved of oxygen.

Closing my mouth and breathing through my nose proved challenging, especially when a stitch decided to pierce my side and ran through it.  Never mind my knees. I stand at 5 ft 7. Not tall enough but enough to struggle with appropriating a decent stride. How do you do that? How does one jogg effectively, better yet, properly?

I need a trainer.

I have some questions.

How long do you run for when it's your first time?

How do you force yourself to continue?

How do you run without headphones in your ears and stay motivated?

How do you run without thinking of the many passer-bys  staring at your wobbly ass? I know they do it because I do it too.

I think most of these questions are self conscious issues and motivational problems I need to tackle and it can only be dealt with when I run.

However, I was proud of my 5 -10 minutue half jog. It's Wednesday. I might even try and jog this evening. As long as it's dog free and it doesn't slobber over my spandex. Yes, that happened!