Welcome to the Lab: A Writer's Bluff

Get some experience
Re-read a day or two later and re-edit
Start a blog 
Set up Google Analytics 
Post a post 
Read the comments
Create a pen name/gimmick/concept
Check for responses
Promote Blog 
Learn how to use Photoshop
Buy a camera 
Sign up to every conceivable social networking site that exists
Keep posting
Freak out over content 
Buy a Key Stage 3 Guide in grammar
Learn how to pronounce those polysyllabic words you keep using
Writer's block
Get some inspiration
"You go to museums now?" 
"Yes I do..."
Ask yourself why you post
Compare articles
Check viewership numbers 
Enter a writing competition
Start a 'Word of the Day' challenge
Join a writing workshop
Set up another blog 
Start a book club 
Give a talk 
Get published - on Kindle that is 
Write some more
Don't stop
Just write

Is it for recognition, for artistic purposes or for the pleasure?

I forgot hash-tag and label