A pile of books

So, my mother was wading through all the junk in storage and amongst the junk, 70 per cent of that junk, consists of endless piles of books. Some of which I have come across and generally seem like a good read, others, not so much.

It's actually quite emotional going through the books as it reminds me of where we were as a family. These books date back to the late 80s (ownership that is not necessarily the publishing date).

Let me 'write' you through a typical find.

Bluff Your Way into Management 
The Facts on Holistic Health and the New Medicine - Can You Trust Your Doctor?
Should Christians Drink?
The Ultimate Guide to the Internet for the Christian Family 

Quite a find isn't it?

Now, How to Bluff Your Way Into Management was either my father's or one of his many friends he stored a lot of things for. This did have me chuckling for a few seconds. I mean, really? The Bluffer's Guide? And if you look carefully at the picture above, you can tell it's a dated book considering the red brick phone plastered on the front cover. Well, I guess it has a catchy title, it made me want to read it. It turns out The Bluffer's Guide has a collection of books, the equivalent to the 'For Dummies' collection.

The Holistic Health book was probably my mother's, considering she is a trained nurse. Interesting find. I've been hearing the word 'holistic' repeatedly for the past five months. I'll give this book a go...it's a short read, thankfully!

Should Christians Drink?

Well, the tag line is a total give away - 'The Case for Total Abstinence'. This could be either my mother's or father's, considering they were both very active members of the church and we religiously had to attend almost every day of the week. My mother, a children's Sunday school teacher and my father, a minister.

I say drink and be responsible. So much much for church and a book.

Interenet for the Christian Family, this was definitely bought in the early 90s when the internet was introduced to us, ordinary folk. I have come across a few of these internet guides around the house. It was fairly new back then, it sounds hilarious doesn't it - a guide? For the internet? But a Christian Guide??? That just takes the biscuit and it's 401 pages long with a glossary. Ok. I'm done.