This Christmas

...meant very little to me and it has been this way for several years now. Anything associated with Christianity has become a tolerable existence between myself and my family. My devout Christian mother prays every morning for my salvation and every time I walk past her mumbling her prayers, it worries me. I start to question why I felt it was remotely sensible once upon a time to announce my non-religious beliefs and why I regard the constant invites to church as insults.

It is a normal daughter -relationship, we butt heads at every given moment and I don't know when to shut up. This is one of the reasons why I refused to send out any Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas messages, besides the fact that I am lazy and don't care, I wanted to avoid the 'Jesus is the Reason for the Season" greetings and the Horus vs Jesus debates. I didn't wanted to read a long list of all the pagan traditions Christianity has adopted.

I read them anyway. The two extremes on my social streams of consciousness; the very religious and the pagan knowledge seekers are fortunately part of my world and will continue to co-exist. After a long speech about "What God has done for you this year" at the dinner table, I refused to participate any further in our family get together.

I have become a grinch and how it started is unknown to me. To be fair, I got tired of Christianity, I began to question why I believed in it in the first place and after paying attention to those thoughts, I realised I don't believe in following a particular religion. I just believe in the existence of God and you can acknowledge it/Hime/Her in your own way.  Plus, I live with my family, I see them every day, there is nothing to celebrate, well for them, Jesus.

There you have it. My Christmas rant.