OMO 2014 IS HERE!!!

Just before piling myself and a friend onto a packed bus around 3 am in the morning, we conversed with a random person by the bus stop. This is a normal occurrence on a new years day, on any other day in London town this would be an annoyance. We dubbed 2013 'doomsy' and looked forward to a promising year.

I must say, I hyped myself up completely this New Years Eve, I had spent so much time indoors the last couple of weeks, it was only fair to allow my body to experience some outdoor air. I had options this year which was unusual; a live gospel concert, a string of house parties, a jazz bar and mum's church. All but Gospel and church sounded great and so I went to the jazz bar. Only to find out it wasn't a jazz bar, but rather an artsy bar space that offered, a lounging area for anyone who wanted to watch an indie film, a live model art session and lots of alcohol and conversation. 


It looked like work. I understand, I am your liberal, outgoing, non-judgemental friend and I am open. But I am not open to sitting in the boyfriend's seat of a blanked faced woman, smoking on a hukka, whilst I read the subtitles off a projection screen. I then later revealed my discomfort to my friend who seemed to fit right in. She was a regular. If you put three people in a room with me, it might just happen but not groups of individuals who have already bonded. NO. So instead a very naked live model sauntered into the front of the room and resumed her position as the artist continued to paint some floral designs on her thigh. I was confused. Very confused. I was offered a pad and a very bubbly club promoter (I don't know what to call her), employee of the bar, encouraged me to draw the naked model, whose eyes seemed to be darting across the room erratically. That's all I could see, darting eyes, paint and the occasional nipple. 

Three years ago, I would be angered by a pastor's deliberate move to pray into the new year and refusing the congregation a chance to count down and here I was sketching a painted nude woman. 

Dear friend, if you are reading this right now, my entire life is material and you are an adventurous soul, so here you are. 

I can laugh about it now but I could not for the life of me crack a smile in that moment. That's when I told my friend, it's time for me to leave, you can remain here, I will find somewhere else to go, transport is free after midnight. 

I thanked her profusely for bringing me out and met up with another friend, only to turn up to a house where the occupants were not present. The disappointment, going to a house party and you have to be the life of the party when the owner of the house arrives. 

We went home and watched Irokotv.

Now, that was fun! I am 23 years old and this was fun. All I wanted to do, was drink 3 shots, in a packed sweaty club and shake my hips simultaneously to Caro by Wizkid. I wanted to listen to songs that did not make sense, dance and dodge the odd hand grope here and there, just because. 

Even travelling home was eventful, I dodged a sympathetic hugger. My two buddies were walking in front, while I was dragging what I thought was a broken knee cap at the time, behind them. He hugged the two in front and saw I may be have been part of the group and attempted a hug. LOL. I hugged the guy and stood next to the talkative dude who shunned everything 2013. 

My life will continue to be eventful, I will have no choice but to laugh at my blunders in an attempt to live my youth. The dark, mood swings and rain will continue to be my source of comfort. I am not changing friends this new year, I'm sure next year, someone will be kind enough to invite my conservative self to a burlesque show and hopefully I will try and enjoy myself. 

I cannot begin to list the embarrassing moments, awkward conversations and surprising things I witnessed last year, at least I have a story to tell. 

No new years resolution, just a couple of goals and green tea.